3 Reasons to Have an Engineer on Your Project Management Team

When you begin a new project, such as one to expand your manufacturing business, you generally put a project management team in place. One of the members of that management team should be an engineer. If you don't have an engineer on your project management team, here are a few reasons to consider it and how they can help the overall formation of the project. Integrity Checks One of the main reasons you may want to have an engineer on your project management team is for integrity checks.

Quality Control during the Welding Process: Identifying a Poorly done Weld

Most of the metal-based structures that you see on a daily basis were likely produced by welding. Welding is the most efficient method available for joining sheets of metal in a durable and permanent fashion. Therefore, it is important for any welding process to be done in high quality to ensure the integrity of the final structure. There are several ways you can ensure that a welding job you requested for was done in the right way.

A Comparison Between Aluminium and Wooden Pallets

The options of the materials from which shipping pallets can be made have been increasing over time. It can often be hard for an inexperienced person to select which kind of pallet will best suit a given application. This article compares aluminium pallets to wooden pallets. Use this information to select the best material for your needs. The Cost of Production Aluminium pallets cost more than wooden pallets do because aluminium pallets are made from a material which must be extracted from the ground or recycled from other products that have reached the end of their service life, such as car parts and household appliances.

Industrial Laser Cutting Techniques

During manufacturing processes, objects often need to be cut and shaped into different designs to suit multiple functions. One of the most efficient methods that exist for achieving this goal is professional laser cutting. Laser cutting is a highly precise method where different materials can be cut to shape using a powerful laser beam that is guided by computer-aided technology. The laser beam can melt, burn, vaporize or blow away the material that it's cutting through in order to result in sharp and defined cuts.

Preventing Landslides With Nets: Ideas You Need to Know

If you're charged with keeping the roads safe around a natural area or a rocky hillside, you may need to invest in nets to secure the rocks to the hillside. This is a complicated process, but there are some tips and ideas that can help. Take a look. A History of Landslides Is an Issue Once a landslide happens in an area, there is a far greater chance of another one occurring.